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Pooman - Unblock Drains Christchurch

Pooman is a team of expert drain unblockers who are always at the ready to help you out in a crisis. Before we start the process of clearing your drain we look for where the blockage might be happening first. This ensures that your drains don't get damaged during the unblocking process.

That’s why we use a CCTV camera to check the inside of your drains from the get go. This allows the operator to view the inside of your drains to see what might be causing the issue. 

A quick inspection can also reveal unseen root damage or broken pipes that may have been caused by earthquake damage.

Sometimes we’ll use a drain snake to clear any soft blockages. A drain snake has a long flexible cable that is inserted down the pipe and then pulled back up again. This action creates suction which helps dislodge the debris.

We'll only use a drain snake when the blockage is soft so that's why we need to know what we’re dealing with first. If the blockage is too hard then the drain snake may damage the drain. So, please  don’t try to do this yourself without checking with us first.

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Pooman - Drain Unblockers

So when we know exactly what we’re dealing with, we clear the blockage from the bottom up. We start at the lowest point of the drain and work our way upwards. On some occasions, we may use a vacuum pump to remove the blockage. A vacuum pump sucks the air out of the drain leaving the debris exposed for easy removal.

We also take care to clean the area around the drain. Clearing this area prevents dirt and debris from building up around the drain. This reduces the risk of blockages occurring in the future. We also ensure that your drain covers are cleaned too. Dirty drain covers also allow dirt to build up inside the drain and can cause unnecessary blockages in the long term.

Don't forget to get your drain checked regularly so that any potential problems can be detected before other, more costly repairs, are required.

If this or any other blockage appears with your drains be sure to call us first. We’ll be there to help you out in a flash.